PGA Tour invests in integrity education

Team Talk

The PGA TOUR sanctions over 130 golf competitions per year with members across 24 different countries.

With integrity and the unpredictability of competitions at the heart of golf’s global appeal, the PGA TOUR needs to ensure that its events remain transparent and fully protected against any betting-related corruption.


The governing body turned to us to devise and deliver its new integrity program.

First, we audited existing rules and regulations around betting – which already prohibited players from betting on any PGA-related events.

We then created a first-of-its-kind strategy, combining 24/7 bet monitoring with specialist educational services.

This gives PGA TOUR and all of its players, caddies and officials 24/7 protection.

Final Result

The PGA TOUR’s new integrity program continues to maintain fair competition and mitigate betting-related corruption.

Our bet monitoring system compares real-time odds movements from betting markets worldwide with predictive algorithms to clearly highlight any potentially suspicious activity.

Meanwhile, the new customised e-learning platform is now mandatory for all stakeholders. It clearly demonstrates rules, expectations and the consequences associated with betting-related corruption for stakeholders around the world.

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