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Exclusive audience data helps you understand what every fan is passionate about. So you can connect in the right time and place, with the right content.

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Meet millions of sports fans

By knowing exactly how fans behave and where to find them, we can drive your brand awareness and increase your chances of converting.

Understand each fan

Browsing and spending data collected via free-to-play games, apps and digital content help us find the right message and timing for every fan. 

Get specific

Micro-segmentation drives efficiency, getting more from your spend and hitting the mark straight away. 

Own your audience

Compliant and future-proof. Our data is direct from the source and comes without the baggage of third-party cookies. 

Deeper understanding

Our first-party data gives us the intel to target with maximum accuracy. Location, propensity to bet, favourite team and much more.

What does our audience data help you do?

Get more bang for your buck

Buy media space at exactly the right time. We apply exclusive audience data across programmatic, social and CTV so you never miss a moment.

Personalise every touchpoint

Tailor your messaging and creative to each fan's recent purchases, sports interests and even their abandoned basket. We help you build deeper fan connections. 

Keep fans' attention

Whether it’s player stat or a fierce rivalry, capture the buzz in your content. Drive up conversions. And make fans remember your brand.

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Increase your ROI

Combine dynamic creative with targeting across major platforms. 

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Smash campaign goals

Every campaign type. Every channel. Delivered with the knowhow to reach your goals.

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Optimise at every step

Interact with your campaign and content data, exactly when and how you need to.

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