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Integrity is the lifeblood of every sport. That’s why we make sure your sport is protected from the bottom up. Our intelligent monitoring technology and services help you tackle threats posed by match-fixing and betting-related corruption. Relying on over a decade’s worth of experience, we make sure your fans get the fair competition they deserve.

Our approach to integrity

Combat match-fixing

Make sure that your sport has the rules, regulations, procedures and expertise to combat betting-related corruption, as part of our Integrity Audit Service.

Keep tabs on betting activity

Get a detailed overview of betting on your competitions, including the number of bookmakers, bet types and turnover estimates.

Spot threats right away

Find out which sports, competitions and bet types may be at risk from match-fixing.

Get long-term protection

Make sure your internal rules and procedures are up to scratch to meet the threat of match-fixing head on.

Identifying anything suspicious

You’re always in safe hands. We monitor global betting markets 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Sport Integrity Monitor (SportIM) is at the forefront of the fight against match-fixing, using clever predictive algorithms to analyse and identify suspicious betting patterns.

Around-the-clock protection

Stay protected night and day with a cutting-edge system that monitors and reviews billions of data points from betting markets around the world.

Get deeper insights

We compile detailed reports that highlight and explain significant odds movements and grade the threat level to your sport.

Carry out in-depth investigations

Launch thorough investigations into individual players, games or competitions using our detailed reports as a basis.

Unmatched levels of data

Tap into our huge database, including key information on teams, players and competitions. Cross-reference betting activity with variable factors, like weather updates or last minute lineup changes.

The power of education

To bring about real change, it's vital that your participants truly understand the challenges that your sport is up against. Through face-to-face workshops and e-learning portals, we discuss how betting-related corruption can damage your organisation and the steps you can take to stay protected. We make sure the right message gets through to everyone in your organisation, from top to bottom.

Tailored learning

Get a bespoke education programmes that suit the size of your sport and level of potential risk.

Understand match-fixers

Educate your players, coaches and officials in how they may be approached to manipulate games and how they should respond.

Lead by example

Show your stakeholders the harmful consequences they can face through betting-related corruption.

See who’s on track

Keep a detailed record of who’s completed your education programme using our multi-language e-learning service.

Manage the threat

We’re a perfect partner to keep your sport safe. From crisis communications to liaising with law enforcement and managing disciplinary proceedings, we’ll support you every step of the way.

An extra line of defence

Law enforcement and regulators play crucial roles in protecting your sport. Tap into our global network of partners to further safeguard your competitions.

Send the right message

Get a handle on crisis communications using our unrivalled experience in dealing with match-fixing and betting-related corruption cases.

Handle discipline

Take care of disciplinary proceedings like player bans and sanctions using established protocols.

Investigate threats to your integrity

We’ve carried out investigations for some of the largest organisations in the world, including FIFA. We provide expert testimony, assign specialist integrity officials, and gather and evaluate evidence. So you’re supported at all times.

Go deeper than before

Launch your investigations with our detailed bet monitoring reports, including clear comparisons between expected market movements and live odds.

Bring information together

Combine detailed reports on betting patterns with our analysis of TV footage and information from our huge network of accredited in-stadia statisticians.

Draw on historic records

Get year-on-year analysis of individual teams, players and officials involved in potentially suspicious games.

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