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Together, protecting the future of sport

Integrity is the lifeblood of every sport.

Match-fixing and betting-related corruption pose the most significant threat to the integrity of your sport.

Your relationships with your fans, commercial strength, and ability to rule independently all rely on your competitions being fair, transparent and unpredictable.

Combining round-the-clock bet monitoring, educational services, integrity audits, and over a decade’s experience, we’ll work alongside you to provide the greatest level of protection.

Our approach to integrity

Identify suspicious activity

Monitor and understand global betting on your competitions 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Bet Monitoring System leads the fight against match-fixing with predictive algorithms that flag potentially suspicious betting activity.

Combat match-fixing

Make sure your sport has the necessary rules, regulations, procedures and expertise to combat betting-related corruption through our Integrity Audit Service.

Prevent Corruption

Long-term protection requires that you truly understand the threats your sport is up against. Through in-person workshops and e-Learning, we demonstrate how betting-related corruption can damage your organisation and what steps you need to take.

Manage the threat

Crisis communications. Liaising with law enforcement. Managing disciplinary proceedings. These are some of the vital ways we help keep your sport safe.

Investigate potential issues

We’ve supported integrity investigations for some of the largest organisations in world sport, including FIFA. Use our expert testimony, specialist integrity officials, and evidence to support your inquiries.

Genius Sports plays a pivotal role in supporting our Integrity Program. Not only have they helped to inform our existing rules and regulations but their monitoring system provides us with round-the-clock surveillance and protection.


Senior Vice President of Tournament Administration, PGA TOUR

It’s time to stand up for sport.

Why integrity matters

Match-fixing and betting-related corruption pose the most significant threat to the integrity of your sport.

All sports—at every level—have a duty to tackle these issues head on, embracing a proactive approach that enables them to prevent, identify, and stamp out threats to their integrity.

We’re committed to working alongside you to protect your competitions, fans, and future.

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