Putting People First

Learn how we put the needs of our employees front and centre of everything we do, and how we cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce

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Committed to improving lives

Putting People First is a commitment to promote volunteering in our local communities, advance a culture which champions diversity and promotes unconditional inclusion, and support health and wellness in everyday life.

This pillar focuses on supporting people around the world by contributing towards a positive change for local communities and embeds our values into our culture.

Initiatives under the Putting People First pillar aim to support:

  1. Our people and the culture that supports them, through engagement in:
  • diversity & inclusion initiatives;
  • supporting personal and career development and learning opportunities;
  • encouraging physical and mental health and wellness;
  • aligning the goals of our employees with our shareholders through employee equity schemes.
  1. The people within the communities where we operate, though in-kind and charitable donations and fundraising for:
  • non-profit initiatives that enhance the lives of those in our local communities, and
  • by investing in or providing access to sports and wellness.
    [See Sport for Good]
  1. People within our network who need assistance in the aftermath of disaster.
  2. People throughout our ecosystem by respecting human rights in our supply and distribution chain.

Sport for Good

We champion sports at all levels through our Sport for Good programme. We believe that engaging in sports can have a profound impact on local communities, by creating social connections, prioritising health and wellbeing and fostering a sense of belonging.

Our Sport for Good programme aims to support social issues such as:

  • Disadvantaged youth
  • Social stigmas
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Mental health awareness
  • Education, health and social wellbeing.


At Genius, we strongly believe that by personally engaging in our efforts. We develop ourselves and find new and creative ways to engage with others in a meaningful way outside the office.

This ethos is a continuation of our culture and values. As such, every member of the Genius team is given a 'volunteering day’ to allow them to volunteer with a charity of their choice.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

At Genius, we are all on the same team and everyone has a chance to make their mark.

While we hold our values in common, we know that there is no one type of Genius or single path to success. 

Supporting colleagues from the Zaporizhzhia office

At the start of the conflict in February 2022, many Ukrainian Genius employees, along with their families and friends, were forced to suddenly evacuate their homes and leave their lives behind.

Worldwide, Genius staff wanted to go ‘beyond the lines’ of work and do something to help our Ukrainian colleagues. The ‘From One Genius to Another’ Fund was set-up in response to that outpouring of support.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Working Groups

We have a variety of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) working groups that have been set up to help us advance our journey towards living our values, in particular ‘believing in better together’.

In each group, we promote ‘allyship’. This is an opportunity for everyone, even if they are not a part of a minority in society themselves, to support those who are and use their own position to understand and amplify other peoples’ voices and experiences.

Allyship is an opportunity for us to have a greater understanding of our society and how other people experience it.

Our Beyond The Lines pillars:

Action for the Planet

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and mitigating climate-related risk exposure to our business. 

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Putting People First

We take care of our team, aim to inspire positive change in our communities, and we continue to innovate and grow with our diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Leading a Mindful Business

We follow governance practices to ensure that our culture, decisions and actions, are underpinned by our values and aligned with our strategy.

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