The Genius Edge: Hottest trends to grow betting turnover this winter

By Josh Jolliffe | 16 Nov 2021

We’re not far off the end of 2021 but the English Premier League, NFL, NBA and the Ashes still have plenty to offer punters and sportsbooks before the year draws to a close.

But maximising the potential of this content and rounding out 2021 on a high will require a mammoth effort by trading and marketing teams alike. If every other bookie is offering the same content, running bespoke special markets and odds boosts, how do you come out on top?

We’re seeing an increasing number of sportsbooks combine our data and trading feeds with personalised marketing solutions to squeeze every ounce of value from the busy sporting calendar.

1. Data-driven push messages help grow live action

In the same way televised fixtures – and the final hours before them – are high-turnover betting windows for sportsbooks, they present the perfect opportunity to use push messaging to reach players directly.

This is already extremely effective for promoting things like odds boosts and free bet offers on major soccer matches.

But to add another layer of engagement, try using game, team or players stats that bring context to your bets and markets (example pictured right).

We’ve seen it massively increase click-through rate and bet placements and it’s one of the most effective ways CRM and trading teams can join forces (a proven 5-10% uplift in bets according to Genius Sports).

2. Drive odds and betting markets across social media

Social media is the home of real-time content before, during and after games. So where better to promote your odds, offers and markets?

Our recent acquisition of Spirable means sportsbooks can easily deliver data and odds-driven image and video ads across key social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The result? More players and more conversions, achieved in an automated and cost-effective way.

Through this solution, Betway saw a 31% reduction in the cost per install of their app through Facebook.

This is an amazing tool to reach top-of-the-funnel sports audiences and secure that crucial turnover spike.

3. Acquire and reactivate with free-to-play content

In online gaming, a new sign-up and deposit followed by no further activity is an all too familiar pain point. But with free-to-play (F2P) games like quizzes and trivia – or a fantasy and prediction game if you’re feeling bold – operators can reengage and reactivate players on the big events they know their audience cares about.

Equally, F2P creates a unique player acquisition route, bringing new users into your ecosystem that you can drive to your sportsbook.

If the Premier League, NFL and NBA are key focuses this winter, these games will keep players connected to your brand through the full gameweek.

A lapsed player interacts ahead of the big Saturday game? Follow up with a tailored bet suggestion.