Give your players full control

Add a new dimension to how players bet before the match. Let players create the exact accumulator they want, all within a single game. Use the world's leading same-game accumulator.

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Set yourself apart

BetBuilder lets your players create the exact accumulator they want, all within in a single game.

Give players more flexibility, control and variety with more sports, markets and combinations than any alternative. 


Automate your bets

We price and settle every contingency. Get over 400 market types for every game through our mathematical models.

And customise everything for your sportsbook, including the margin and branding. BetBuilder also features a deep range of score, team and player props.

Stock your feed

Drive your revenue even further. Bring in our Pre-Built Bets Feed to compliment BetBuilder and give your players more variety.

Available on the same games and derived from the same set of markets.

Drive profits your way

Show players popular bets

Gather over a hundred of the latest trending bets.

Hands-off approach

We hand-pick, price and deliver the bets before every game. Leave it to us.

Customise the price brackets

Group and present bets along with your main set of pre-game markets.

Build the perfect sportsbook

Stream every moment

Add video to your sportsbook and give players a chance to discover something new.

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Manage your sportsbook

Get the best live data, odds and betting content, all in the exact way you want. 

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All data, odds and risk management covered by our experts, for all or some of your sportsbook.

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