We'll sweat the small stuff

Genius Trading Services helps you outsource expensive, resource-heavy parts of your sportsbook. For some, or even all, of your content.

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What works for you

Our service is completely modular, so you can cherry-pick the parts you want to outsource depending on your needs.

From automation of content scheduling and all odds feeds, to managing your risk and on-demand reporting, we cover it all.


We handle all your sportsbook scheduling and odds creation, across both pre-match and in-game.

Risk management

We'll look after your liabilities in a bespoke way, while ensuring your players get a frictionless experience.

Unmatched support

From set-up to in-game consultations, our team is on hand to tweak your strategy at every step of the way.

Smarter scheduling

Remove all your content booking headaches. We can book all your events across pre-game and live, select all your market-types and set your margins for hundreds of competitions.

So your traders only have to worry about content that matters most to you.


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Keep your odds on-point

Tell us which sports and competitions you need odds for, and we'll handle it.

By combining our algorithmic modelling and official sports data, we create sharp odds on every market, all the time. We’ll help you choose what to do as the market and your liabilities change.

Manage risk properly

Watch and know the bets coming in.​ React to volatile content.​ Adjust limits and settings.​ Segment your customers.

We can do all this and more - for all content ​you take from Genius and even from third-parties. It's the most flexible and customisable risk service out there.

Know your players

Factor your players as individuals and localise your experience. Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and create regionalised content your players love.

Leave it to the experts

With a global team and knowledge of the latest betting trends, we cover bet monitoring, limit setting and so much more.

Stay connected

We genuinely care about your sportsbook. Our team stays in 24/7 contact, providing personalised daily reports and feedback.

Keep optimising

We put insights at your fingertips every single day to analyse and improve how you manage you sportsbook.

From content settings and betting limits to deeper ​deeper customer segmentation. Get the insights you want, when you want.

You have our full attention

Keep up-to-speed with how your sportsbook is performing around-the-clock.

Our global team supports you 24/7 so you get the best possible experience. We make the right decisions on every bet and market and ensure you're always in the know.

Official data and odds from around the world

Build the perfect sportsbook

Stream every moment

Add video to your sportsbook and give players a chance to discover something new.

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Engage with fans

Learn about your players, segment them, show them personalised content and unlock more value. 

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More ways to manage

Outsource as much or as little as you want - and keep the rest of your sportsbook function in-house.

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