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Hand your traders official low-latency data feeds straight from the stadium. And let them price and manage live events faster and more profitably than ever before.

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Ultra-fast feeds for in-house oddsmaking

From stadiums to your sportsbook in the blink of an eye.

With fast, accurate and reliable live sports data, your traders can set sharp real-time odds, while offering your players the best possible live betting experience.

Blink and you’ll miss it

From the stadium to your sportsbook in the blink of an eye. Our ultra-fast feeds get the data to you in real time.

Set sharper odds. And offer your players the best live betting experience possible.

Rest easy, with official data

When it’s official, there’s no arguing. Trade knowing your supply chain is secure and spot on.

Settle your pre-match and in-play bets instantly. Attract more players, by getting rid of market and cash-out suspensions.

Why LiveData?

Data that digs deeper

Get around-the-clock coverage – on all major sports – across hundreds of thousands of fixtures a year.

Feeds you can rely on

We've always got permission to collect in-venue data, meaning your service never gets disrupted.

Infrastructure that spans the globe

Our data is checked by over 8,000 statisticians around the world. And every data point is constantly reviewed in real-time through our quality control.

Official data for the biggest sports leagues

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Stream every moment

Add video to your sportsbook and give players a chance to discover something new.

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Get the best live data, odds and betting content, all in the exact way you want. 

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All data, odds and risk management covered by our experts, for all or some of your sportsbook.

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