Maximise your data

Collect live data directly from the game and use it to power everything else. From organising competitions to engaging fans.

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Data. But not as you know it.

Combine official play-by-play data with rich tracking data to create new revenues and expand the reach of your sport. There are three tools we’ve created for this:

  • LiveStats
  • Data Tracking
  • Scoreboard Data

Capture every play

Feed live data into your internal and external applications. This is LiveStats - the springboard for millions of fans, coaches, administrators to get more from sport. 

Track every moment

We combine machine learning and optical tracking to capture the action, 25 times a second. Dive deeper into performance analytics and create new visual ways to engage fans.

Record every score

With our Scoreboard Data tools you can link up directly with the official scoreboard and its clock and verify every piece of data with official timestamps.

Put your data to work

Official data can grow the profile and revenues of your sport. We work with 100s of licensed sportsbooks and media companies who need your data to engage fans.

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Manage your sport

Digitise everything about your competitions and stakeholders and streamline your operations.

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Perform to your best

Give your teams, coaches and players insights they can take onto the pitch.

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Protect your integrity

Safeguard your sport from match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

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