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Record every play, player and match. Over 1,000 FIBA leagues, federations and NCAA schools use LiveStats to make sure they never miss a moment.

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Best data, best results

LiveStats gathers every shot, goal, dunk, spike and more across multiple sports.

Use that data to create content for your fans, insights for your coaches, video highlights for your broadcast and more.

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Give us a call and we’ll talk you through how LiveStats works and show it in action. We’ll show you the interface, how to enter data and explain how our statisticians at the match-side keep it all running.

Let's break it down for you

  • Click-based data entry process
  • Available in over 10 languages
  • User-optimised interface
  • Launched in 2008 alongside FIBA
  • Easily integrated within a sport’s digital ecosystem

Put data at the heart of everything

Take charge of your data

Collect the fastest, most accurate and reliable live data on your competitions. 

Capture all the action

Never miss a moment with intuitive software that captures rich play-by-play entries. 

Deliver new insights

Power your scoreboards, coaching tools, OTT platforms, broadcasts and more with your live data. 

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See everything about your competitions and stakeholders and streamline the process.

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Perform to your best

Give your teams, coaches and players insights they can take onto the pitch.

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Protect your integrity

Safeguard your sport from match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

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