FA Singapore attracts fans with data-led strategy

Team Talk

For the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), engaging and retaining a loyal local fanbase has not always been easy.

Competing with major European leagues for fan attention, the FAS wanted to unlock the full potential of its live game data to create more immersive digital experiences before, during and after matches.

It needed a partner capable of:

  • Creating a forward-thinking digital engagement strategy 
  • Capturing and presenting live team, player & match data to fans 
  • Harnessing data to optimise competition management and solve operational inefficiencies


With a team based in Singapore, we provided the league with data capture and competition management solutions.

Quickly rolling out Football LiveStats enabled FAS to capture live pitchside data for all of its fixtures, powering real-time website updates for fans.

This was a major breakthrough. Previously unable to track live games, fans can now follow every game with a rich range of stats.

We also helped FAS produce and automate key reports and historical records - offloading time-consuming and manual tasks.

Final result

FAS continues to engage fans with creative digital content.

  • Significant increase in website traffic
  • 100% of fixtures covered via Football LiveStats
  • Five unique content widgets hosted onsite


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