NCAA transforms data ecosystem with LiveStats

Team Talk

The NCAA wanted to centralise how its 1,100 member Schools and Conferences captured, managed and distributed live data and statistics.

To support the evolving needs of its athletic directors, sports information directors, fans, coaches, broadcast partners and more, the NCAA needed a cutting-edge new system across multiple sports. 


Alongside the NCAA, we built and implemented a new system, NCAA LiveStats.

By capturing and distributing live game statistics, the innovative software helped schools and conferences across all three divisions of college sports to power their websites, apps, coaching applications and more. 

Ahead of March Madness 2022, we also provided the NCAA with advanced data tracking and broadcast augmentation tools for both the men’s and women’s tournaments. 

Final Result

In use across football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and soccer, NCAA LiveStats now powers one of the most advanced data ecosystems in world sport.

  • 100k+ matched powered by NCAA LiveStats
  • 98%+ Division 1 basketball using NCAA LiveStats
  • NCAA LiveStats sports and counting

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