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Capture first-party data and maximise monetisation opportunities with free-to-play games.

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Capture data as they play

Converting unknown users to registered and paid fans. Gain crucial insights into your online audiences to them all-year-round.

Better audience data

Win and retain more users, collect more qualified first-party data and generate meaningful insights. 

Build it and own it

Create new IP through owned and operated digital assets that attract sponsorship, ad revenue and premium payments.

Drive interest

Generate leads for commercial partners and your own services. Leverage the network effect to turn casual fans into super fans.

Our gamified solutions tap into the core engagement drivers of accomplishment, unpredictability, social influence and empowerment. ​Scroll to learn more.


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Fantasy games

Where fans buy and trade players to manage their own team. Available in four variations:

  • Draft Fantasy
  • Salary Cap Fantasy
  • Daily or Weekly Fantasy 
  • Team Fantasy


  • Standing Predictors - fans determine how their team can top the table or make the post-season. An engaging tool that heats up in the second half of the season
  • Line-Up Predictors - let fans have their say by selecting their dream line-up ahead of the game.

Pick 'Em

Pick 'Em is simple. Engage fans and bring them back week after to week to make their picks.

Trivia games

Fuel competition among friends by challenging them to test their knowledge with fan trivia.

Bracket Challenges

Bracket challenges are open to all, from novices to fanatics, where players compete for prizes.

There's more!

In-Game & Prop Predictors

Introduce novices to betting and provide a simple way to engage with props predictors.

Fan Polls

Promote your content and harness fan opinion through our polling solutions, via embeddable widgets.

Subscription Model

A premium fantasy experience that generates extra points for fans, and new revenues for your brand

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