CoSIDA and NACDA: Genius takes center stage again with college sports

By Oliver Wells | 23 Jun 2022

Computer in a football stadium

Next week will be special, the first time we’ve gathered since Orlando for our flagship events of CoSIDA and NACDA. While we’ve all managed to keep in touch over the last three years, I’m really excited to finally see everyone back in person next week.

And a lot has changed at Genius since 2019, meaning we have plenty to showcase on our stands at CoSIDA and, for the first time, NACDA.

Built for the SID, by the SID

As ever, our focus at CoSIDA will be all things NCAA LiveStats (NLS), presenting the latest updates to this trailblazing data program and listening to SIDs’ feedback. Since we first partnered with the NCAA in 2018, a core ethos behind the rollout of NLS is that it is built by the SID, for the SID.

CoSIDA is a crucial time for us to come together and listen to the SIDs who use NLS every day. Their expertise and feedback have been pivotal to each version of NLS that we’ve rolled out across five sports and more than 5,000 teams.

This year, as well as continuing to showcase all five NLS sports, we’ll be focusing on our scoreboard integrations. The role of the SID extends far beyond the box score; they capture the raw ingredient that is driving the college data revolution in real-time, powering tools for fans, coaches, broadcasters, brands and more.

Through our ScoreLink devices which are directly integrated with NLS, we’re making the life of each SID a little bit easier, automating the NLS clock and synchronizing with the official game clock.

Come check it out and all things NLS at booth 12 and during our main stage session at 2pm PST on the Monday.

Showing ADs our full range of Genius solutions

While we’ve been focused on transforming data collection across college sports, Genius Sports is a commercialization engine for leagues worldwide. For example, we work closely with the NFL and English Premier League to bring their data to life, helping to capture the attention of new and highly engaged fans.

Many of you will also have seen our recent partnership with the Mid-American Conference. From fan engagement tools, including free-to-play games, to optical tracking technology and broadcast augmentation as well as robust integrity solutions, this deal was the first of its kind for an NCAA conference.

And we’ll be showcasing each of these solutions and more at NACDA at booth 435. ADs visiting the Genius booth will be able to explore our more interactive solutions including our Second Spectrum tracking technology which was used to power augmented broadcasts forESPN and Turner at this year’s March Madness. Alongside core NLS statistics, we helped create more interactive viewing experiences for millions of fans by powering enhanced feeds with data-driven visualizations, including shot probabilities and 3-point special effects.

ADs have also been central to the successful roll-out of NLS but this is only scratching the surface for what Genius can do for college sports. And our team cannot wait to expand our relationships with schools and conferences across the country, starting with NACDA.